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How to use this site

Instructions for contributing to the ILD website has been developed with Plone which allows authenticated users to easily contribute material directly to the web site.

In order to add or modify content, you need to register yourself with this site, and log in. Note: You will be unable to log in if you have disabled cookies in your web browser.

After registering, be sure to go to the email list page, and subscribe to the email lists that you are interested in.

The website is a set of folders, many of which allow you to add files. You can add web pages (called Pages), event notifications, news items, any sort of file, subfolders, images, you name it. The user interface is fairly intuitive. If you want write access to other areas on the web site, contact the webmaster.

"Pages" are a convenient way to present materials in an organized way. Editing the page is easy - an intuitive editor is provided - but be sure to save your work, before going to another web page (a warning is given, to remind you to save your work).

Like any web site, the default view of a directory is a list of the contents of that directory. If you want the default view to be a web page, then name the page, index_html.

Content anywhere on the ILD website can be searched using the tool in the upper right.

This site should not be used for storing very large files (>10 MB).

If you have comments or suggestions to improve this website, please contact the webmaster.

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